We can undoubtedly say that the Novaform line is one that can satisfy any kind of taste. While many customers have opposite opinions about a certain mattress, Novaform has been created to respond to all sleepers’ wishes and needs which makes it the most unique brand among all the others.

The mattresses by Novaform are created using the latest in bedding technology. They are constructed of several layers, and their foam design provides the highest quality for people of all body types and weights, which is the exact fact that makes the Novaform brand so exceptional and simply one of a kind.

There are two Novaform models that are strongly recommended to try. Those are the Novaform Marino Recovery System Mattress and Novaform ComfortLuxe Mattress.

The first one is designed to contour to the specific needs of each person’s body, so it provides the satisfying support wherever it is needed. It has a specially designed cover that is easily removable for washing and controls moisture.

The ComfortLuxe model uses the most innovative methods to offer the customers a good night’s sleep – not only it has multiple layers, like the Marino Recovery one, but also a heat dissipating outer cover to regulate your body temperature and calm you down. Its four layers (five with the mattress topper) distribute your body’s weight and the heat it excretes, conforming to each person and to his specific needs and sleeping problems.

The Novaform Pure Comfort mattress uses similar technology and multiple layers that provide more support while your body sinks into it. The result is you get more support where you need it, like your back and hips; and less where you do not, like your feet.

You need to know that sometimes the Novaform mattresses need to be “conditioned” before sleeping on them. This means you’ll have to walk back and forth over their surface for some time, which seems to “stimulate” the memory foam so it can provide better contouring when you start using the mattress every night.


Layered detail on Tempflow Foam Mattress structure

This mattress is often called “breathable”, or “the mattress that breathes”. It is probably the most interesting kind of memory foam mattress due to the unique technology of its creation.
Usually the visco-elastic memory foam is not breathable enough despite its proven high quality. Its common specific smell can be dangerous for the environment, for it contains chemicals that need time to air away.

The creators of Tempflow however have made such foam which is completely free from hazard chemicals such as TDI, Bromine, PBDE, and Boric Acid. The foam is known as “Biogreen”. An independent laboratory has even measured no V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds), which guarantees an absolutely non-toxic and safe experience. This foam is also made of pressure-sensitive, visco-elastic material with an approximate 5 lb density. In fact, not only this memory foam has no unpleasant fabric smell that needs several days (or sometimes weeks!) to fade away, but during the independent test it showed no toxic elements detected except for an approximate 1 % water vapor! This kind of memory foam was made with much concern about our nature and about ourselves and this fact makes the Tempflow Biogreen memory foam mattresses completely unique.

The most well-known models of the Tempflow brand are the Tempflow Gaya 9-inch Model and Tempflow Selene 9-inch Model. Both of them use the special Biogreen memory foam material. The 3-layer Gaya model has a high density comfort and support layer, while the Selene model uses 5 lb SD firm, Biogreen foam for an extra supportive transition layer underneath.

Both Biogreen layers allow the mattress to be extremely comfortable in all temperatures, but still very durable and supportive. Another very important element of Tempflow is the luxurious Kool-Flow bamboo fabric cover that has been specially designed for absolute breathability for use with the high density polyurethane airflow channel patent for perfect comfort and support provided only by 3 and 4-layer mattresses!

In a few words, if you are the kind of person who cares about the environment and his own health, and you want a true memory foam contouring experience with a softness and snugness without sinking too much into the mattress, then Tempflow would be your best choice ever!

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